Radio host Elon James White: 'White homo demon' pastor not so much crazy as 'dangerous'

On Friday's "This Week in Blackness," host Elon James White took aim at Harlem pastor Dr. James David Manning's assertion that President Barack Obama has loosed "white homo demons" on the world that will "scoop up" black men and make them gay.

"You know, sometimes you hear something or see something that you're simply not prepared for," said White.

He then rolled a clip of Manning saying, "Obama has released the homo demons on the black man. Look out, black woman. A white homo demon might take your man."

White scoffed and asked, "Were there no gay black men before Obama was president? Obviously not."

"This is officially crazy talk," he continued. "But actually, no, this is not crazy talk."

He said that Melissa Harris-Perry said to him once "that when you call things like this 'crazy,' you're actually downplaying what they actually are, which is dangerous."

"Dr. James David Manning?" he said. "Hold up, wait. What Ph.D. program gave this guy a doctorate? Oh, a Ph.D. program that was run by the school that he runs that's not accredited."

"But this is actually dangerous," White explained, saying that while most people find it funny, there are people who actually believe what Manning says.

"Instead of worrying about the 'homo demon' that's attacking black men," said White to Manning, "why don't you worry about the people that actually are attacking black men?"

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