Small tent: Georgia pastor boots Boy Scouts to keep gay scouts from camping with other boys

A conservative pastor drove a Boy Scouts of America troop out of the church that has been its home for 68 years over the organization's decision to allow gay scouts.

Towleroad reported on a WSB-Atlanta story about Pastor Earnest Easely's decision to kick Boy Scout Troop 204 out of its regular meeting place at Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb.

Easley -- who said that he got a standing ovation from his congregants when he announced the decision to ban scouting at the church -- told Channel 2, "We're not going to openly embrace that which stands opposed to God's word."

"You've got boys in there in a tent that are sexually attractive to other boys, whose hormones are going off the wall. Something is going to happen," Easley insisted.

Marietta's Unity North Atlanta Church invited Troop 204 to meet in its building and that church will be the troop's new home.

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