Real Time host Bill Maher knocked conservatives in a blog post on Wednesday for being jealous that they didn't command more support from the entertainment community, causing them to rush into embarassing moments caused by the celebrities that are on their side.

"Oh, they have some, like Ted and Jon Voight, or Fred Thompson, or Chuck Norris. Dennis Miller, Wayne Newton, Kelsey Grammar, Victoria Jackson, Robert Duvall, Craig T. Nelson, Tom Selleck, and Ronald Reagan. And now Sarah Palin," Maher wrote. "But they're really outnumbered on the celebrity front."

Maher wrote that his post, titled, "Republicans are the biggest starfu**ers," was inspired by the controversy that surrounded conservative rocker Ted Nugent, who acted as a gubernatorial campaign surrogate for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) despite calling President Barack Obama a "subhuman mongrel" before finally issuing a non-apology.

"Personally, I happen to like when racist nuts use the rhetoric of white supremacy -- yes, actually saying that mixed race people are less than human! -- and then when you call them on it they accuse you of 'playing the race card,'" Maher stated.

But with Republicans getting so little in the way of Hollywood endorsement, Maher explained, they were left relying on the likes of Victoria Jackson to speak at rallies or Clint Eastwood's bizarre 2012 Republican National Convention Speech. Maher compared the situation to the GOP being so willing to find a viable minority candidate that Herman Cain was, for a moment, the leader in party primaries.

"They should just admit that they don't hate Hollywood or celebrities -- they just hate liberals," Maher wrote.

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[h/t Mediaite]