Young Turks host Cenk Uygur criticized MSNBC counterpart Touré for his recent commentary calling for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) not to run for president, in order to assure former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can provide the Democratic Party with a "pragmatic" 2016 candidate.

"This is the same kind of horsecrap I've been hearing for the entire time we've been doing this show," Uygur said, shaking his head. "'No, no, we should run weak-ass Democrats because it's the pragmatic thing to do. And then what do they do? They get rolled over by Republicans because they're Republican-lite. Republican vs. Republican, the Republican always wins."

On Monday, Touré expressed his support for Clinton, saying past Democratic attempts to run behind "true liberal" candidates like Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis had failed, and called Warren an "inexperienced candidate who fits neatly into the classic caricature of Dems as effete latte-sipping, Volvo-driving, Ivy Leaguers" while praising her for not being afraid to take on Wall Street interests, a contrast upon which Uygur seized.

"Isn't that the strongest position you could have in Washington today, to say, 'I"m gonna take on the top lobbyists in the country'?" Uygur asked. "The guys who give the most amount of donations to the politicians. [Sen.] Dick Durbin (D-IL), the second-in-charge for the Democrats in the Senate, said, 'Frankly, they run the place, they own the place.' She's gonna take those on; what part of that is effete?"

And while Touré hung on the failures of Dukakis and Mondale, Uygur said, more recent history had shown Clinton was defeated by the more-progressive campaign waged by a similarly-"inexperienced" Barack Obama.

"If [Clinton] was so electable, how come she got her ass handed to her in 2008?" Uygur said. "That's interesting. And from a guy who was to the left of her."

Uygur also took issue with Touré justifying his trust in Clinton by referring to her as a member of the "governing class."

"If you're a real progressive, and you believe that, I've got news for you -- you ain't a real progressive," Uygur chided. "You're pro-establishment, and you want to keep doing business just as it is, let the lobbyists run Washington, our democracy be damned."

Watch Uygur's commentary, as posted online on Tuesday, below.