George Will: It's 'not neighborly' for LGBT people to ask for equal rights

Fox News contributor George Will on Sunday said that LGBT people deserved equal treatment from businesses, but they were "not neighborly" and "not nice" for fighting for those rights.

During a panel discussion on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Will to respond to a viewer who disagreed with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's decision to veto a law that would have allowed discrimination against gay and lesbian customers on the basis of religion.

"With as many taxes that businesses have to pay, how does this government think they have any justification to tell a business who they will and won't serve?" the viewer wanted to know.

Will pointed out the public accommodations section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 said that businesses had to serve everyone equally.

"That's a settled issue," the pundit noted. "That said, this too must be said: It's a funny kind of sore winner in the gay rights movement that would say, 'A photographer doesn't want to photograph my wedding -- I've got lots of other photographers I could go to, but I'm going to use the hammer of government to force them to do this.'"

"It's not neighborly and it's not nice," he added. "The gay rights movement is winning. They should be, as I say, not sore winners."

But in the end, Will advised bakers to serve same-sex weddings.

"Bake the cake," he said.

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox News Sunday, broadcast March 2, 2014.