George Zimmerman, the former neighborhood watchman who was acquitted of the shooting and killing of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, failed to draw many fans at an Orlando gun show on Saturday, according to the NY Daily News.

Zimmerman, whose appearance was advertised on the New Orlando Gun Show Facebook page with, “Come on out and meet George Z! He’s here a few more hours. And no matter what you read, there are no protesters, lunatics or other varieties of a-- clowns," failed to draw many curiosity seekers.

Over the course of six hours, fewer than 20 people at the gun show asked for a free autographed photo of Zimmerman, who was situated in a rear office of The Arms Room gun store in Orlando.

The gun show, originally booked at Orlando’s Majestic Events Center, had been cancelled after word that Zimmerman would appear, however the promoters were able to secure another venue.

One couple who showed up to meet Zimmerman, identified as Melissa and Matt, said they were the only people waiting in line to meet him.

“He seemed nervous and actually a little scared to be there," said Melissa. "He also appeared emotional, like he was really thankful and touched that people would come out to see him.”

“It was pretty weird to meet him in person — and wow, he has gained a lot of weight!”

Zimmerman, who was signing photos of himself taken when he was much younger, said he enjoyed himself.

"Everything’s good. We’re having fun,” said the normally reclusive 30-year-old. “I’m just here to meet supporters.”

Zimmerman was joined at the event by his on-again-off-again girlfriendl Samantha Scheibe, who last year accused him of forcing her out of her house and pointing a gun at her.