'God's Not Dead' actor Kevin Sorbo: Bill Maher just mad at God because he is lonely
Kevin Sorbo (Flickr/evilfenn)

Actor Kevin Sorbo ripped "angry and lonely" comedian Bill Maher on Monday during an interview with Steve Malzberg of Newsmax.

Sorbo was responding after being shown a clip of Maher mocking the new "Noah" film and describing the God of the Old Testament as a "psychotic mass murderer."

"I did Politically Incorrect a couple of times, and all I can do is feel sad for the guy, because I think he is a very angry and lonely man," Sorbo explained. "Comedy comes from anger anyway. You know, what are you going to say when a guy talks like this?

"I wonder what happened to him in his lifetime," he continued, "because the atheists I have met, not all of them are angry. I've got some very good friends who are atheists and they just don't believe, they simply don't believe. We've had great debates about it and things like that."

"There is no reason to even try to talk to a guy like that because he has so much hate. I said a joke one time on his show Politically Incorrect, had a big laugh, [and] during the commercial break he leaned over and said, 'You're good looking.'"

Sorbo, who is starring in an upcoming Christian drama film called "God's Not Dead," and Malzberg both said they refused to purchase the HBO Channel because of Maher.

"It is sad to me that he has to have so much anger and hate," Sorbo said. "Morals are declining. I don't care if you are religious or not. Morals are declining, the country is going under. We are getting worse and worse, and everything is OK according to half the population of this country. Not everything is OK."

Watch video below.

[Image via Flickr user evilfenn, Creative Commons licensed]