Jon Stewart flattens Fox News' Eric Bolling for trying to 'school' him on shaming the poor
Jon Stewart 102913 [YouTube]

For a second, Daily Show host Jon Stewart was excited at the prospect of Fox News' Eric Bolling trying to "school" him over Stewart's mockery of Bolling's shared obsession with the alleged seafood-eating habits of people on government assistance programs.

"What I have learned today from my 'teacher' is that $3 billion dollars of taxpayer money is greater than $4 billion dollars in taxpayer money," Stewart determined. "I think we're done here. You're the worst math teacher I ever had."

Stewart found that while Bolling and his Fox comrades were apopleptic over the estimated $3 billion worth of fraud found in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, they were all too willing to declare $4 billion in wasted federal subsidy money going to corporations "a pittance."

"What I'm getting from Fox is this: Exploiting government largesse, while morally reprehensible and corrupting for an individual is a-ok for corporations," Stewart said, before offering a suggestion. "Maybe this will help: Don't think about food stamps and HeadStart and programs like that as feeding and helping a small child. Think about it as investing in a promising start-up with a liquidity problem."

But instead, Stewart explained, Bolling and his colleagues insist on harping over the talking point that companies already getting massive tax breaks are constantly being victimized, while painting the poor as being up to no good.

"Your favorite network has created the narrative that ties people's poverty to their own lack of virtue, and says that programs created to serve the impoverished are in fact, the reason that those are still impoverished," Stewart said. "Sort of the idea being, if they weren't such sh*tty people, they wouldn't be poor. And those food stamps are just making them sh*ttier."

Watch Stewart's commentary, as posted online on Thursday, below.