Oscar-nominated actress cast as 'Annie' is black -- and Twitter racists go nuts

Yesterday, Matthew Eliot cataloged Twitter responses to the trailer for the remake of Annie, which features Oscar-nominated actress Quvenzhané Wallis in the titular role and Jamie Foxx as "Benjamin Stacks."

White people on Twitter reacted much as one might expect:

No, we kid. Some merely expressed surprise:

Others, however:

But, of course, these racists aren't racist!

Nor do they have "problems with black people":

Unless, that is, they're playing traditionally white characters:

And some are even more traditional than others:

She is "the whitest of them all," after all. Why, a black "Annie" would be like:

Besides, Annie is supposed to be cute:

We apologize for ruining your day.

Watch the official trailer for the remake of Annie below.

["Quvenzhane Wallis At The 2013 Film Independent Filmmaker Grant And Spirit Award Nominees Brunch, Boa, West Hollywod, Ca 01-12-13" on Shutterstock]