Sen. Ted Cruz tells 'F*G: THE NEW N*GGER' artist to keep fighting for liberty

Sen. Ted Cruz's response to the posters of his tattooed body that appeared across Beverly Hills last week was memorable:

Cruz was so fond of the poster, he even signed one for the artist:

cruz signs poster

The artist, "Sabo," is a self-professed "Republican in Hollywood" whose work includes a 2012 campaign entitled "FAG: THE NEW NIGGER" and a 2013 one called "HILLARY: THE BITCH IS BACK."

On his Facebook account, "Sabo" goes on at length -- and in ALL CAPS -- about many issues, including "THE PROBLEM WITH JEWS," his hatred of his "LANDLORD," and how everyone who doesn't share his politics is a "RETARD."

When called out on Twitter, the self-proclaimed "only true rebel artist in LA" insisted that he just wants to "DO ART":

On his homepage, he writes that "people wonder why I can't be on the Left. Because I can't even pretend to be that fucken stupid!!!"

Raw Story contacted Sen. Cruz's office in Washington and was told that it was unaware of the other activity of "Sabo."

Watch a production video for his "HILLARY: THE BITCH IS BACK" campaign below.