Three male teens sexually assault Calif. transgender student in boy's restroom
[Photo credit: Portrait of a Depressed pre-teen boy via Shutterstock]

Authorities in Hercules, California are investigating allegations that a transgender student was sexually assaulted at school while using the boy's restroom, which is his right under a controversial state law.

According to the Contra Coastal Times, the 15-year-old male, who was born a female, said he was in the boy's bathroom on Monday when three male students assaulted him -- both physically and sexually.

The victim was transported to a hospital, but no details about his condition were provided.

The suspects were reportedly 16 and 17 years old, but the victim could not identify them.

"Many times, victims, cannot, at least initially, identify their attackers in this type of an event," Hercules Police Department Reserve Detective Connie Van Putten told KPIX on Monday.

Van Putten said that investigators were treating the case as a possible hate crime.

Earlier this year, a female transgender student at Hercules High School was ordered to complete a conflict resolution program after getting in a fistfight with other girls. The school had been criticized for doing nothing after the student complained that the girls were bullying her.

The Contra Coastal Times reported that 94 percent of the teachers at Hercules recently backed a no-confidence vote in Principal Jennifer Bender, claiming that the environment she created was toxic for teachers and students.

Anyone with information about Monday's sexual assault was encouraged to contact Hercules police at 510-724-1111.

Watch the video below from KPIX, broadcast March 3, 2014.

[Photo credit: Portrait of a Depressed pre-teen boy via Shutterstock]