Awaiting trial, Dinesh D’Souza prepares to release documentary targeting Noam Chomsky
[Dinesh D'Souza photograph by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons licensed]

Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza's follow-up to his 2012 anti-Obama film "2016: Obama's America" will be an attack on the men who he sees as the intellectual pillars of the American left.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, D'Souza -- who is currently awaiting trial on felony campaign finance violations -- plans to release the documentary, titled "America," on the nation's birthday, July 4.

D'Souza told the Reporter that the footage he has of liberals Alan Dershowitz, Noam Chomsky, Bill Ayers, Michael Eric Dyson and Charles Truxillo will speak for itself.

“In '2016,' we let President Obama’s voice be heard -- literally,” he said. “With 'America,' we also wanted to hear directly the voices of America’s biggest critics. The conservative answer to offensive speech has always been not to silence it, but to listen carefully, consider what’s been said and offer more speech. I was delighted that some of the smartest progressives in America agreed to sit down with me.”

"2016: Obama's America" was a runaway election-year hit, playing to conservative audiences around the country, although critics derided it as propaganda disguised as entertainment that trucked in "base innuendo in lieu of argument."

D'Souza is a long-time darling of the right. In his college days at Dartmouth University in the 1980s, he and conservative pundit Laura Ingraham outed the members of the college's LGBT group by posting flyers with their names on campus. He worked as an aide to the Reagan White House and has published multiple books, in which he has variously compared liberals to Al Qaeda, declared that racism isn't a problem in the U.S. anymore and that women and blacks are ruining higher education.

A series of scandals has brought D'Souza down from his once lofty position in the conservative movement, including the dissolution of his marriage after an affair with a much-younger woman, illegal donations to New York Republican Senate candidate Wendy Long, and his firing from his position as president of King's College, a Christian university.

D'Souza was indicted in federal court in January on charges that he used straw donors to channel four times the legal limit in donations to Long. He and his lawyer have maintained that D'Souza didn't know that what he was doing was against the law. However, evidence that has been disclosed by prosecutors would appear to indicate that D'Souza knew the nature of his crimes and was preemptively planning his defense strategies.

D'Souza's trail will go forward in May. He faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.

Watch the trailer for D'Souza's film "America," embedded below:

[Dinesh D'Souza photograph by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons licensed]