Bundy Ranch supporters lash out at Glenn Beck after he suggests they should avoid violence

Conservative on social media have blasted Glenn Beck for declaring he did not support protesters at Bundy Ranch in Nevada who seemed to want an armed confrontation with law enforcement.

Monday on his radio show, Beck said that as a fellow rancher he had sympathy for Cliven Bundy, who refuses to pay over $1 million in back fees for illegally grazing his cattle on public land. But he denounced militia members and others who threatened an armed confrontation with federal authorities over the ranch.

Many of his fans didn't appreciate him siding with the federal "tyrants."

"When the possibility of bloody conflict exists does Beck simply roll over and side with the oppressor, the tyrannical State?" one Facebook user wrote on the Glenn Beck fan page.

Another person commented: "Glenn, you are no longer a friend of the Patriots fighting for FREEDOM. Go away and sell some books and your false 'Bravado' to other traitors. Hpw about you yourself said this Tyranny was coming and did not stand up. Re-read Article 1 Bundy is a hero. Oh, thats why you are mad, they didn't invite you to speak?"

"You are wrong Mr. Beck, the Founding Fathers didn't pray away Tyranny....They shot the Tyrants....Sic Semper Tyrannus," said another.

A number of Beck's detractors said on his Facebook page that violence was necessary because Democrats committed voter fraud.

"Not anymore it isn't. With so much voter fraud going on by the Democrat Party, how is that our weapon? Mounting enough votes that we have to win by an extra 8 to 10% just to pull even is our hope for the future? Hitler was voted into office. I'm all for voting, but I no longer trust it," one user commented.

"Soon, your vote won't matter. If you think Hilary won't rig an election, you've lost your mind. it is very likely to be rigged," another added.

"Get a grip Glenn. My vote didn't keep Obama out of office. Our country is being destroyed and you and Obama think talk will fix it all. I am not for violence but you can't use a sign against a fed sniper."

Conservatives on Twitter were equally outraged by Beck's comments.

Beck on Tuesday told his fans that if they supported violence then they should not be his fans.

“If you are somebody that says ‘I’m for violence, I am angry and I’m not going to take it anymore, and I’m going to act on that anger,’ then I want you to go to my Facebook page and I want you to unfriend me. I want you to go to my newsletter page and I want you to unsubscribe. I want you to go to TheBlaze TV and I want you to cancel your subscription today.”