Florida cops arrest and jail man for filming his friend's arrest

A man in south Florida was arrested outside his family's business and jailed for 10 days in March for filming the arrest of a friend. Miami's WSVN reported that Lazaro Estrada was attempting to record his friend's arrest on misdemeanor traffic charges when police turned on him and took him into custody.

In the video, an officer told Estrada to stop filming and go inside the business. Estrada said that he went inside, but continued to film. When one officer caught sight of Estrada, he sent four uniformed officers inside.

"First of all, they grabbed me like you know, physically like here, and I'm here like, 'What seems to be the problem?'" Estrada told WSVN. "They were already dragging me outside the store, then they are like, 'Let me see some identification?' That is when I was like, 'OK, you want identification for what reason? What did I do wrong? I'm just recording.' You can hear in the video, he says, 'Um ... for ... for ... obstruction of justice.'"

Estrada was arrested and sat in jail for 10 days.

Miami-Dade police insist that Estrada was impeding the arrest and that he disobeyed police orders. They accuse him of instigating a confrontation with the arresting officer and posing a risk to police safety.

Estrada appeared in court on Monday and a trial date was set for July 7.

Watch video about this story, embedded below:

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