Fox host: Oprah's 'anti-male' brainwashing will steal your baby boy's manhood

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Saturday announced that he had forced himself to give up Oprah Winfrey's talk show after his baby boy was born because he didn't want her "anti-male" viewpoint to emasculate him.

In a column for The Huffington Post last week, father Mike Heenan said that he had decided to stop listening to rap music after his daughter was born because of misogynist lyrics.

"It's your rampant misogyny, homie. It is an epidemic. Your unapologetic sexism is a scourge on an otherwise exceptional cultural phenomenon," Heenan wrote. "Hopefully, someday, you will realize the error of your ways, or the pop culture scales will tip and start to favor a more enlightened approach to hit making... But till then, adieu old friend. For the sake of my daughters, I've got to kick you to the curb."

While Fox News was covering the Heenan's decision on Saturday, Carlson shared what he said was a "similar experience."

"When I had a son, I stopped watching Oprah because it was just too anti-male, and I felt like I didn't want to bring him up in a home where Oprah was constantly attacking men," he explained. "And it's really helped a lot."

Carlson also pointed out that he preferred the Grateful Dead to rap music because it was "wholesome."

"And remember, keep your boys away from Oprah and it will make them feel bad about being male," he added. "It's absolutely true. Keep your girls away from rap, keep your boys away from Oprah. And everybody will be fine."

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast April 26, 2014.