Fox News host asks torture-backer John Yoo: 'Is there a manhood problem' with Obama?
John Yoo (Fox News )

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on Monday talked with John Yoo, the former DOJ Office of Legal Counsel deputy who wrote memos arguing President George W. Bush had unlimited power to use torture on detainees, to find out if President Barack Obama had a "manhood problem" when it came to dealing with terrorists.

Kilmeade began the interview on Fox & Friends by asking Yoo if he was outraged that NBC host David Gregory had asserted that part of President George W. Bush's legacy was failing to deal with extremism in a sustainable way.

"It's like saying firefighters are responsible for fire, or during the Cold War, it was our fault and not the Soviet's fault," Yoo argued, reminding Kilmeade that the Bush administration had invaded Afghanistan after 9/11.

"I worry that this administration has let its foot off the gas pedal in the war on terrorism, and is actually allowing al Qaeda to rebound," he added. "I think now... what's going on is that we are withdrawing from Iraq, we are withdrawing from Afghanistan, we are allowing Islamic extremists to get back into power, and restore the network that we spent so much time destroying."

Yoo reflected on aggressive actions from Russia and China, and said that Obama "may think he's hitting singles and doubles" with his foreign policy, "but I worry he's standing there at the plate and watching third strikes go by."

"Is there a manhood problem as David Brooks brought up as this president is perceived in the Middle East?" Kilmeade wondered.

Yoo said he wasn't sure if it was because of the president's "manhood," but Obama was pursuing a "passive foreign policy that worries me."

"American withdrawal from the world is going to have terrible costs on the world and on the United States," he declared.

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast April 29, 2014.