Indiana man on synthetic pot allegedly punched out 4-year-old and threatened Obama

A Granger, IN man who claims the federal government used him as a sex slave is accused of brutally striking a 4-year-old boy and of threatening President Barack Obama.

According to WSBT-TV, 25-year-old Eric Parks is charged with two class-D felonies, battery and intimidation. Parks went on a rampage in a Martin's Supermarket in Granger last week and made his first court appearance on Monday.

Police said that Parks attacked the boy in the checkout line at the grocery store, punching him in the face. The boy suffered a bloody nose, a knot on his forehead and another contusion where the back of his head struck the floor.

Parks reportedly threatened the police officer who arrested him, saying that he would kill the officer and his family upon his release.

He admitted to police that he had used synthetic marijuana and urged them to check his Facebook page and "see the truth."

Detectives told WSBT that in the eight hours prior to the attack, Parks had posted multiple messages about injuring children, killing Pres. Obama and announcing his intention to kill a posse of federal agents which he believed was pursuing him.

The St. Joseph County judge presiding over Parks' case set bail at $1 million in light of the threats. Local police also contacted the Secret Service, which is opening its own investigation.

Police reported that Parks has been well-behaved in jail. Family members declined to comment to reporters.

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