Megyn Kelly and Dana Loesch dismiss gender pay gap as 'myth' and 'meme'

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch took a moment Friday night on "The Kelly File" to dismiss concerns that women might have over getting paid less than their male counterparts for the same work.

Media Matters reported that the two right-leaning pundits said that the gender pay gap in the U.S. is just a "meme" that feminists use to get attention and a "myth."

Loesch complained that Democrats see people as Democrats first and don't "celebrate women."

"If you're a progressive, 'Democrat' comes before your sex," she fumed. "If you're a Democrat or you're a progressive, that is honored above your sex."

Loesch said that now-ex-Mayor Bob Filner (D) of San Diego, CA is an example of how progressives treat women, in spite of the fact that he was driven from office in disgrace when his assaults on women became public knowledge.

Guest Eboni Williams asserted that dividing women into "liberal" and "conservative" camps is superficial and divisive and does not address the concerns that all women share.

"I think we all want equal pay for equal work for women," said Williams. "We all want these policy goals that are much more the same than they are different."

"Yeah, the equal pay for equal myth [sic]," said Loesch. "Can we talk about things that are in reality and not something based upon a bunk study?"

"Okay, well let me jump in there," said Kelly, saying that feminists stop listening to you when you tell them that the gender pay gap is a myth. "They think you're anti-woman. If you question that meme about equal pay."

Conservatives have tried various misinformation tacks to pretend that the wage gap doesn't exist, but analysis of the 2012 census plainly showed that women still make an average of 77 cents for every U.S. dollar earned by men.

Careful study of the available data shows that women are payed lower wages at every stage of their career in the U.S., starting at lower salaries and hourly rates and consistently being underpaid throughout their working lives.

Watch the video, embedded below via Media Matters: