The childhood home of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is up for sale in Cleveland, Ohio. According to blogger Gregory Burkart, Dahmer's family moved into the house when he was 8 years old and the residence was the site of Dahmer's first murder.

AOL spoke to Steve Lubinski, the realtor handling the house, who isn't shying away from its morbid history.

"Nice open floor plan, granite countertops, Italian appliances. The yard is absolutely fabulous," he said.

The 2,100-square-foot house sits on an wooded lot with a garden and pleasant walking trails. It was the scene of Dahmer's first killing. After years of killing and dissecting animals, Dahmer attacked, murdered and dismembered an 18-year-old hitch hiker named Steven Mark Hicks.

Dahmer himself had only just graduated from high school. He moved to Milwaukee as an adult, where he killed and dismembered 17 more men. He cooked and ate some of the body parts, while torturing and conducting "experiments" on other victims.

He was arrested in 1991 and murdered in prison in 1994.

Lubinski said he is frank with potential buyers about the house's history.

"When somebody calls me on the property, before I even get into price, room sizes, anything, I just let them know that up front and half the people are done talking about it at that point and moving on and the other half. They don't care," said Lubinski.

"The house didn't kill anybody so, it's still a nice house. It's in a fabulous location and you know mid-century modern is certainly a desirable house right now," he said.

The current asking price for the property is $295,000.

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