MS Tea Partier Chris McDaniel hit with more awkward statements from his radio past

Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R) used his conservative radio platform to argue that "homosexual churches" would get more protection than Baptist churches, and also to make Islamophobic and homophobic remarks, Buzzfeed reported Monday night.

These remarks are the latest in a series of problematic statements taken from McDaniel's radio show. Last week, The Raw Story reported that he has also said libertarianism is "all about hookers and blow," and in 2006 he discussed moving to Mexico "if they pass reparations and my taxes go up."

Conservative news site reported earlier this month that McDaniel trailed incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran (R) by 8 percent in a survey of 400 voters likely to take part in the June 3 Republican primary election.

In audio from McDaniels' tenure as a radio host, he says, "I'm not even sure Janet Reno was a woman," referring to the former attorney general. An unidentified woman tells him, "She's a Yeti."

"When I hear 'woman,' I don't think Janet Reno," McDaniels goes on to say. "For some reason. I don't think Rosie O’Donnell, either."

In another clip, he says a female version of the film Brokeback Mountain "would be the perfect film for Rosie and Janet. But nobody wants to go see that."

Buzzfeed also quoted him as wondering aloud whether the intentional fires set in nine Baptist churches in Alabama in 2006 could be considered a hate crime, and whether churches enjoyed equal protection under the law.

"I'm curious, if this was a homosexual church — do those even exist?" McDaniel was quoted as saying. "If this was a homosexual church, and there were nine that burned down, what would the outcry be? It'd be incredible."

McDaniel also complained about the launch of Al Jazeera America, calling it "the mouthpiece of al Qaeda" and saying the network "will work in this country because there are that many Muslims just looking for an excuse to hate this country even more than they already do." He later enaged in a skit about an Al Jazeera "shopping network."