NC deputy goes berserk, snatches phones from family after recording proves she 'lied'

A North Carolina officer was caught on video allegedly lying about a retired Marine combat instructor “being aggressive” in his own home, and then took the cell phones away from his family members who were trying to record the encounter.

Retired United States Marine combat instructor Carlos Jaramillo provided the blog Photography Is Not A Crime with video of Onslow County Sheriff’s Deputy Natalie Barber responding to his home over the weekend over a dispute between neighbors.

At some point, Barber and Jaramillo began arguing about whether he was legally obligated to provide her with his identification. He offered her a government-issued Veterans Affair card, but the deputy insisted on seeing a driver's license.

That's when Jaramillo informed Barber that he was going to record the incident "for my safety."

"For my safety, put the phone down!" Barber yells in the video. "I'm telling you to put the phone down!"

Barber can be seen grabbing the phone from Jaramillo. She then handcuffed Jaramillo, but refused to tell him why he was being detained.

When Jaramillo's son tries to begin recording, Barber also takes his phone. But the son was able to record the remainder of the encounter from inside the house using his mother's phone.

A second deputy eventually arrives to calm the situation.

Jaramillo was released from the handcuffs, and was not charged. Supervisors at the Onslow County Sheriff's Department reportedly told Jaramillo that Barber acted appropriately because she feared for her life.

Both cell phones were returned to the families. Jaramillo argued that the recording proved Barber "lied" when she claimed that he was "being aggressive.”

Watch the video below from Photography Is Not A Crime, broadcast April 22, 2014.