NC sheriff probing Kansas shooter's ties to 1987 triple slaying following Raw Story report

Last week, Raw Story brought you an in-depth report exploring accused Kansas City shooter Frazier Glenn Miller’s possible ties to a 1987 triple slaying at an adult bookstore in North Carolina. Now, investigators with the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office are traveling from North Carolina to Kansas to question Miller, according to a report this evening from Charlotte news station WBTV.

“We are going to coordinate an effort between the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office and the Kansas authorities to make sure that avenue is explored,” Sheriff Alan Norman told WBTV.

Five men were shot and three died on January 17, 1987 at the Shelby III Bookstore, an adult bookstore that was known to attract a gay clientele. In 1989, two associates of Miller were charged with the crime and one, Douglas Sheets, was tried. Miller testified as a witness for the prosecution, but Sheets was acquitted when prosecutors couldn't put him at the scene. Two attorneys who defended Sheets told Raw Story last week they believe Miller should have been considered the prime suspect in the crime.

“I still believe Miller was involved with those murders. I do,” Kirk D. Lyons, an attorney who worked on the case’s 1989 trial told us last week. “And, I’ve got a lot more proof than I’ve ever had because he’s done it again — killed more people.”

Miller was the founder of the White Patriot Party and Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. He testified in Sheets’ trial after taking a plea deal with federal investigators in a separate weapons crimes case in Missouri. Sheets’ attorneys argued it was Miller, not his client, who had no alibi for the night of the murders.

We tried to speak with officials at the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office multiple times last week hoping to ask them more about the cold case. They didn't get back to us, but now they are on their way to Kansas to question Miller.

A follow-up call to the sheriff’s office this afternoon was not returned.