Pat Robertson: Stop the church-state separation 'nonsense' before atheists take over everything

Televangelist Pat Robertson on Thursday warned that militant Islamists, militant atheists and other secularists had taken the separation of church and state "nonsense" too far in an effort to "destroy the fabric" of society.

British Prime Minister David Cameron came under fire after writing in an op-ed last week that his people should be "more confident about our status as a Christian country."

British Attorney General Dominic Grieve explained the controversy by saying that people did not want to be identified as a Christian nation because they were “turned off” by the rise of fundamentalism.

He added that atheists were "deluding themselves" if they thought "1500 years of Christian input into our national life" was going to change overnight.

On Thursday, Robertson praised Grieve's rejection of atheism and wished "we could have some more of that here in the United States."

"This nonsense about the separation of church and state has gotten way, way beyond the bounds of what the Founders of our Constitution thought," Robertson opined. "We're under assault by militant Islamists, militant atheists, secularists, those who want to destroy all the fabric of faith in our society. And the great freedoms we have found on our belief in God."

The TV preacher later blamed the "elites" for mistakenly thinking that "we just cannot be intolerant of Islamic people, their faith is as good as anybody else's faith. And they're entitled to express their views. They're entitled to have their call to worship out of their mosque. They're entitled to do this and do that and do the other."

Robertson warned that the Muslim Brotherhood's goal was "world domination," and that they had already infiltrated "the highest counsels of the security apparatus of the United States of America advising our leaders as to how to deal with terrorism."

"Nonsense!" he exclaimed.

Watch he video below from CBN's The 700 Club, broadcast April 24, 2014.

(h/t: Right Wing Watch)