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Texas officer accused of raping unconscious woman while ‘helping’ her sober up



A Texas police officer has been fired and charged the sexual assault of a woman who he was supposed to be helping because she was too drunk to drive.

KHOU obtained video of police explaining what happened when they responded to a 911 call outside officer Oscar Araiza’s home last October.

The victim had been drinking at several nightclubs with a friend, and an off-duty female officer. After deciding that the victim was too drunk to drive at around 1 a.m., the female officer suggest that she stay at Araiza’s apartment.


“Her friend told her that it would be OK to stay at this officer’s house — this Dallas police officer’s house — because he was a good person and wouldn’t nothing happen to her,” Sgt. Marilyn Harris recalled.

Sometime after 3 a.m., the woman woke up to find Araiza naked, and raping her, according to court documents.

“She was awakened with him on top of her,” Harris said. “And he had no clothes on, and he was on top of her having sex. She said he held her face down and that she started screaming.”

Officer Aubrey Thomas recalled things in a similar way.

“She woke up to the sex assault taking place, and she recalls that she wasn’t on the couch anymore,” Thomas noted. “She remembered being in a bedroom on a bed. She didn’t know how she got there.”


“He put her hand over her mouth to try to keep her from screaming,” the officer added. “That’s what she said. But she told me that he couldn’t make her stop.”

At some point, Harris said that the woman “believed that he got scared and that he escorted her downstairs and put her out.”

That’s when the victim called 911, and waited for officers to respond.


“She was crying,” Thomas pointed out. “She couldn’t stop crying.”

Court documents alleged that Araiza “admitted to having sexual intercourse with the complainant sex was consensual.” The document also said that “Araiza had fresh scratches to his neck and arms, and stated the injuries were a result of the complainant assaulting him.”


But Thomas said that she believed the woman’s story: “In my opinion, she got assaulted.”

Araiza was fired by the Dallas Police Department in February. He was arrested on charges of sexual assault, and raping a woman without her “consent or awareness.”

Watch the video below from WFAA, broadcast April 1, 2014.


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‘Come on, Barry’: GOP counsel whines after Dem attorney refuses to hear his excuses on Trump’s Ukraine bribery



Opposing counsel for Democrats and Republicans faced off at a House impeachment hearing on Monday.

Republican counsel Stephen Castor, who appeared as a witness, complained that he was not being asked enough questions by Democratic counsel Barry Berke.

During questioning of a Democratic counsel, Berke noted that President Donald Trump was more concerned about personal gain than corruption in telephone calls with Ukraine's president.

"May I add something there?" Castor asked.

"No, you can't," Berke replied.

"Are you not going to let him answer?" one Republican member cried out.

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Impeachment hearing flies off the rails as GOP lawmaker accuses House Judiciary counsel of bribery



Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) disrupted testimony during Monday's impeachment hearing and suggested the Democratic majority's attorney had bribed the House Judiciary Committee to get his job.

Barry Berke, who has served as the special oversight counsel to the committee since February, was asking Republican counsel Stephen Castor about President Donald Trump's state of mind toward Joe Biden when Gohmert interrupted.

"The gentleman is not recognized," said committee chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), banging his gavel. "Mr. Berke has the time."

Gohmert complained that Nadler was ignoring House rules by allowing Berke to present an opening statement before the hearing and then question Castor.

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Chris Wallace shreds Ken Starr: Trump’s scandal ‘a much bigger issue than whether Bill Clinton lied about sex’



Fox News host Chris Wallace argued that the deeds President Donald Trump is accused of are more serious to the country than President Bill Clinton's actions, who was impeached for lying about sex.

During a break in impeachment hearings on Monday, Wallace called out Ken Starr's "characterization of this process and what we heard today... he said that the presentation against the president is narrow, prosecutors look through the world through dirty windows, it's slanted."

"And you know, it just seems to me -- and Ken, I see you there on the screen so I'll be talking directly to you -- when you compare this to the Clinton impeachment, which was basically about whether the president had lied under oath about sex," Wallace continued. "I'm not talking about whether this story is true or not."

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