Young California woman faces deportation over selling 'pot brownies' to pay for prom dress
19-year-old CA woman could be deported for selling 'pot brownies' [KTXL-TV]

A 19-year-old Northern California woman could be deported after being convicted of selling brownies laced with marijuana to raise money for a prom dress.

KTXL-TV reported that Saira Muñoz was sentenced to spend nine days in jail and serve four years probation following her March 2013 arrest for enlisting underage students to help her sell the illegal pastries to classmates at River Valley High School in Yuba City.

Muñoz, who was 18 at the time, was caught and arrested after a student had to be hospitalized after eating one of the brownies.

But during her sentencing on Monday, Muñoz was told that prosecutors in Sutter County contacted federal officials after learning she was granted only temporary residency status in the U.S. after coming to the country from Mexico in 2000.

Some of Muñoz's former classmates, including a friend, Carlos Robles, expressed support for her to both KTXL and KOVR-TV.

"There's people that deserve to be deported, and she wasn't one of them," Robles was quoted as saying. "There's people who do way worse."

Watch KTXL's report, aired on Wednesday, below.