Chris Wallace comes out as climate change denier: 'Worry about global cooling now'

Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday became the latest voice on the conservative network to repeat incorrect information about climate change, and suggested that it was time to "worry about global cooling now."

During a segment about the economy on Fox News Sunday, former UBS CEO Robert Wolf noted that the economy was steadily improving in spite of a harsh winter that had hurt some businesses.

"I know people have talked about the bad winter," Wallace agreed. "I'm wondering whether we need to worry about global cooling now."

In fact, scientists have shown in a recent study that the so-called global warming "pause" is a myth.

"Global warming is continuing, it just gets manifested in different ways," study author Dr. Kevin Trenberth told The Weather Channel earlier this year.

A study released by the Union of Concerned Scientists earlier this year found that 72 percent of the statements about climate change made on Fox News in 2013 contained misleading information. That’s an improvement from 2012, when only 7 percent of the statements were entirely factual.

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox News Sunday, broadcast May 4, 2014.