Christian radio host: Sensitivity training is just like Chinese forced labor prison camps

Louisiana radio host Jeff Crouere this week compared sensitivity training for homophobic, racist or sexist employees to re-education camps in communist China.

Last week, the Miami Dolphins had reprimanded player Don Jones for tweeting that “omg” and “horrible” after seeing newly-picked St. Louis Rams linebacker Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on an ESPN broadcast. The Dolphins hit Jones with fines, and banned him from participating in team activities until he completed sensitivity training.

In a column for Christian Post, Crouere called the training a "gay agenda re-education camp."

"It seems the politically correct liberals in charge of the NFL are admirers of communism. In Red China, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries communist tyrants forced citizens into re-education camps to 'enlighten' their subjects about the wonderful 'benefits' of totalitarianism," the conservative radio host wrote.

Crouere complained that Americans were no longer free to participate in the "evils of racism, homophobia and sexism" without being "sent to 'educational training,' to learn about the merits of the homosexual agenda and become more sensitive to the gay and lesbian lifestyle."

"This type of 'training' is an American styled re-education camp for Jones. He will undoubtedly emerge with a new and enlightened view of homosexuality," he added. "With this toxic environment, imagine what our Founding Fathers would think about their country today."

The idea that Jones was being sent to a re-education camp first came up while Crouere was speaking to a caller on his radio show last week.

"Jeff, I'm on my way to indoctrination camp," the caller quipped. "It's a combination of re-indoctrination, indoctrination, thought change, whatever... I will be happy if I'm not thrown in jail."

"They're rubbing it in our face, aren't they?" Crouere replied. "It's upsetting. It's over the top."

By the end of the show, the radio host had adopted the talking point.

"Can't someone express their opinion about it?" he asked. "That was Don Jones, second-year player. They deleted his tweets, and now he's going to be fined."

"I mean, I guess he's going to be sent to some re-education camp somewhere."

Listen to the audio below from WGSO, broadcast May 15, 2014.