Columbia Univ. students distribute 'rapist list' after after school fails to protect victims

Students at New York's Columbia University have taken matters into their own hands after the school was accused of mishandling sexual assault cases.

According to WABC, a list of alleged rapists began appearing this week around campus, including in several of the women's bathrooms. Students were also reportedly handing out fliers with the same names.

Earlier this month, CNN reported that a group of 23 students filed a federal complaint against the university, saying that the school failed to protect them from sexual assaults. The complaint said that the school discouraged reporting assaults, and failed to properly punish rapists.

"The university reporting system has a horrible reputation," rape survivor Zoe Ridolfi-Starr told WABC. "The whole investigation and hearing process is really difficult and traumatic and exhausting. And at the end of it, nobody is ever expelled."

Watch the video below from WABC, broadcast May 15, 2014.