Fox Panic: Elisabeth Hasselbeck looks dumbfounded as guest says pot isn't that scary

An interview on Fox News took an unexpected turn on Monday, and shocked the host when a guest explained that reasonable pot rules in the NFL would not make teens use more drugs. reported last week that the NFL's new renegotiated drug policy was expected to have a higher threshold for marijuana in the bloodstream, bringing it in-line with the World Anti-Doping Agency. The policy would also reduce punishments for player violations.

Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, whose husband is a former quarterback, brought on former Patriots linebacker Shawn Stuckey to explain why the NFL was making the changes.

"They understand public sentiment is changing, that the public is more acceptable to the use of marijuana," Stuckey pointed out. "And the NFL is a capitalistic beast, and they are driven by what public sentiment is demanding. If the public is demanding more violence, the NFL gave them more violence."

"As far as public sentiment is concerned, I would think that most parents here would think, 'This is unsettling, to think that the NFL is going to open the door for more pot use,'" Hasselbeck opined. "The reins are already pretty loose. You don't have a first-time use penalty where you are suspended. You just go into a program."

"So, why -- I think parents would be concerned that this is something that is opening up in the NFL. No?" she added, nodding her head in expectation of the guest's agreement.

And things were going as planned at first as Stuckey said he was "particularly sensitive" to the issue because six out of seven of his aunts and uncles had been addicted to crack cocaine.

"Right," Hasselbeck agreed.

And that's when things went off script.

"However, I was also a high school teacher, where I taught young teenagers," Stuckey noted. "And I am intimately aware of what teenagers are influenced and not influenced by."

"The NFL changing its policy towards marijuana would not influence these teenagers," he said. "If the NFL were to immediate ban the use of all alcohol amongst all football players, you would not find a widespread cessation of alcohol use among teenagers."

At this point, Hasselbeck's furrowed brow and pouting lips gave away her desire for the interview to be over.

"Perhaps, perhaps," she said. "You know, Shawn, I think your story is so interesting. And you have a unique perspective, both as player, attorney and personal background there. You know, I think the concern is, hey, how can you say we're working on brain health, let more pot be used? And the kid debate is certainly there."

With that, she thanked her guest and quickly ended the interview.

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast May 19, 2014.