Hilariously awful NRA show lists Hemingway - who shot himself - as hero gun owner

Faced with a youth population who have little interest in gun ownership, the National Rifle Association is trying to seduce its next generation of supporters via a web-only show aimed at millennials.

Sadly, the show -- called Noir after host Colion Noir -- is something of a mess. Gawker's Adam Weinstein called it "hilariously bad poser garbage."

MSNBC's Chris Hayes did a segment Friday night about the show in which he said, "The NRA would like you to know that they are not a bunch of militia-obsessed Cliven Bundy-loving, bunkered down weirdos obsessing over black helicopters while stockpiling hundreds of guns and spinning conspiracies about the ATF while listening to their Alex Jones Info-Wars podcast."

He then cut to footage from Noir, in which the eponymous host said of gun ownership, "There's a heritage, a heritage that had a swag that would put most rappers to shame. There's no way you can look at a photo of Hemingway hunting in Africa without thinking there's a reason that 'the Most Interesting Man in the World' is pro-gun."

"So, maybe the NRA want you to think they're more like Hemingway," Hayes said, "who, by the way, killed himself with a gun."

Hayes called Noir, "the greatest piece of unintentional comedy" since the 2014 Idaho Republican gubernatorial debate.

Watch the video, embedded below: