Idaho GOP biker candidate has a 'Scientific Wild-Ass Guess' about what to do with the VA
Idaho gubernatorial candidate Harley Brown 051614 [MSNBC]

One of the two candidates who propelled Idaho's Republican gubernatorial primary into the political spotlight told MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Friday that not only does he see himself becoming president, he has an idea of which federal programs he would cut.

"I would give a SWAG -- a Scientific Wild-Ass Guess -- that 90 percent of what the feds do is as unconstitutional as the Communist Manifesto," biker club leader Harley Brown argued. "Where's it say we gotta have a Department of Labor, a Department of Education, a Department of Energy, and even two of my favorites, the VA and NASA -- but the end-around that is, put them under the Air Force and keep them going."

Earlier this week, Brown made headlines alongside fellow fringe candidate Walt Bayes when they "stole the show," as Matthews put it, in a primary debate also involving state Sen. Russ Fulcher (R) and incumbent Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter (R).

During that debate, he referred to himself as the "turd" in the political punchbowl, and stated that he had a vision of himself becoming president. On Friday, he criticized the U.S. military for not committing genocide during the Vietnam War.

"A few things changed in the late '40s," Brown told Matthews. "Ever since World War II, this country, these pissant little wars we've had -- something with Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf. You know, you declare war, and you wipe out your enemies, period. That's the way I read it."

"So you think we should've killed all the North Vietnamese?" Matthews asked.

"Hell yeah," Brown said. "First, declare war. And then use every weapon we got to annihilate our enemies. You never send a Marine where you can send a bullet, and you always send the biggest bullet you got, yeah."

Brown did not mention that bombing from U.S. forces reportedly killed between 50,000 and 65,000 North Vietnamese civilians during the war.

Watch Matthews' interview with Brown, as aired on Friday, below.