Daily Show host Jon Stewart ripped on gun enthusiasts and the National Rifle Association (NRA) on Tuesday for their latest attacks on alleged "threats" to the Second Amendment, and their habit of responding to them with "open carry" protests at Texas fast-food restaurants.

"We all know the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun with a good guy with a gun," Stewart said, reciting a gun lobby talking point. "But here's the problem with open-carrying of assault rifles: no one else in that Chipotle knows you're a good guy. They just know you have a gun."

Even if the protesters said out loud that they were good guys, Stewart pointed out, that would be the type of thing a smart villain would say to draw attention from their carrying an assault rifle.

"Did that upset some customers?" Stewart asked sarcastically. "I get that. If I was looking to fear for my life in a fast food restaurant, I'd go to Arby's."

After pausing to consider his "inexplicable hatred" toward that restaurant chain, Stewart argued that the NRA's intransigence on gun safety legislation had led it to even oppose sales of "smart guns" designed so that they couldn't be turned against their owner.

"What kind of gun is a threat to the Second Amendment?" Stewart asked. "A gun that shoots other guns? A gun that goes back in time and kills amendments?"

The NRA even refused to budge on its position after New Jersey state Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D) offered to introduce a bill repealing her own gun safety law in exchange for the organization urging its members to allow "smart guns" to be sold in stores there, a proposition Stewart said should have been a win-win.

"Everybody [should be holding hands] and singing 'Gunbaya,'" he said. "Which is like 'Kumbaya,' with shooting."

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