Laura Ingraham uses botched Oklahoma execution to attack women who have abortions
Laura Ingraham speaks to ABC News on May 4, 2014. [ABC News]

Conservative ABC News contributor and radio host Laura Ingraham on Sunday used a botched death row execution in Oklahoma as evidence that abortion should be outlawed in the United States.

During an ABC panel discussion about the horrific attempt to execute Clayton D. Lockett, former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who is Catholic, noted that he had "struggled" with the death penalty, but supported it -- even though his church did not.

"We have to have that ability to take someone who's a danger to society out of society," Santorum opined. "I think if we could have a debate, maybe, of narrowing the cases."

Ingraham, however, pointed to the trial of abortion provider Louis Gosnell, and said that the botched execution was a "problem in our culture of being a culture of death."

"Late-term abortions, the heinous things happening in the womb to children," she continued. "And you don't want to equate it, but innocents, right? There could be innocent people today on death row."

"There is a lot of innocent life -- forget the early-term abortions -- late-term abortions. I think young people as well are changing their minds about the issue of abortion."

Watch the video below from ABC's This Week>, broadcast May 4, 2014.