Former Gilberton, PA police chief Mark Kessler has released a new expletive-laden video in which he threatened his critics, then angrily fired an assault rifle.

The video opened with Kessler off-camera, trying to secure the camera to the tripod. Then, wearing a black baseball cap and a pair of matching black ear protection earmuffs and carrying an AR-15 assault rifle, he entered the frame and began to rant.

"Chief Kessler here," he began, "and I want to tell all my supporters out there that I thank you very much."

For his detractors, however, Kessler had a different message.

"And for all the people out there that are against me, you can all go f*ck yourselves," he said. "Go f*ck yourself! Okay? If you think for one minute that I forgot, or that I'm gonna f*ckin' forget any of this, you have another thing coming."

Railing against "all you f*cking bastards down there in that f*cking town" and "all the f*cking politicians that wanna play f*cking games," Kessler said those who oppose him "awakened a sleeping f*cking giant."

He then turned and opened fire with the rifle, sending a spray of random bullets into the woods.

Kessler's angry videos -- in which he ranted about "libtards" and endorsed armed insurrection against the Obama administration and the federal government -- cost him his job as Gilberton's chief of police in 2013 when he was forced into retirement.

In March, Kessler announced that he'd signed a development deal for a militia-themed reality show with Relativity TV.

Watch the video, embedded below: