Louie Gohmert blasts 800-page WH report: 'This climate change was global freezing in the 1970s'

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on Wednesday suggested that President Barack Obama was wasting time by studying the impacts of climate change because global warming had been "global freezing back in the 1970s."

In an interview with World Net Daily, the Texas Republican pointed the finger at the president for a so-called “secret waiting list” that allegedly allowed 40 veterans to die while waiting to get health care in Phoenix.

“It is clear there is a systemic problem with the Veterans Administration, and it didn’t just all of a sudden crop up under this president,” Gohmert remarked. “President Bush started making some inroads, and this president has made some efforts. The fact is, the buck does stop with the top commander over all of our armed forces and over all executive branch activities.”

“If the president wanted to make this as much of a central issue as he has this ‘climate-change’ issue – which allows the government to take over more people’s property and their rights and their lives – then we’d get the VA fixed very quickly,” he added, referencing a 840-page climate change report released by the White House on Tuesday.

"Apparently this climate change was global freezing back in the 1970s," Gohmert quipped. "Then global warming and then, when it quit warming, now it’s climate change."

"That apparently is a much bigger issue to this administration than helping those who laid down their lives and put themselves in danger for the good of the country."

Listen to the audio below from World Net Daily, recorded May 7, 2015.