Megachurch pastor predicts Auschwitz-style tours of women's clinics after abortion is banned
Pastor James Garlow (YouTube)

California megachurch pastor James L. Garlow recently predicted that women's clinics would become "killing center" museums that Americans could tour like Nazi concentration camps after World War II.

In an interview with Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, that was published by The Daily Caller on Sunday, Garlow began with a sharp criticism of President Barack Obama.

"Among other things, this man has done more to harm life, and to harm the institution of marriage and the family than any other president ever," the evangelical leader of Skyline Church opined. "People point out that he has a model marriage, and he's a wonderful father. He may well be. And if so, I applaud that. But when he came out on that occasion opposing traditional marriage -- one man, one woman -- he did a catastrophic blow to America."

Garlow lamented that pastors were not allowed to endorse candidates from the pulpit, but called for churches to be involved in politics.

"History is going to be very kind to those of us who stood for babies in the womb because the evidence is swinging so far in our direction," he explained. "I hate to think how people are going to be cast by history itself when they realize.

Garlow said that he sometimes took people on tours of the Nazi Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Germany, and they would ask him, "How could this happen? Where were people? How could the church be silent?"

"That's what we're going to say," he insisted. "Sometime there are going to be tours in the future through abortuaries -- the killing centers of America -- and say, 'Where was the church? Where were you grandpa when this was going on? Were you silent?'"

The minister added that there was "something innately right about the man who contributes the sperm, and the woman who contributes the egg that are best inclined to protect their offspring."

"History is going to be very kind for those who stood for one man, one woman marriage -- which history has for 5,000 years until we suddenly had this epiphany, we don't need a mom and dad anymore -- and history is going to be very kind for those who tried to protect babies, innocent babies in the womb," he concluded.

Watch the video below from The Daily Caller, broadcast May 19, 2014.