Michael Sam jerseys sell like hotcakes as conservatives apoplectic at his popularity
NFL prospect Michael Sam [Facebook]

Conservatives both inside and outside of the National Football League are outraged that Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend after learning that he had completed one of his life-long goals -- to be drafted into the NFL.

They are angry that President Barack Obama congratulated him:

And, of course, because Sam is not Benghazi:

They are angry that sales of Sam's jersey are outpacing all but Johnny Football's:

Even though, as someone else points out:

Because they know how the free market should be guiding all these Sam-jersey-purchasers hands:

Also, they're irate because he won't get off their only source for news and entertainment, ESPN:

The conservative narrative seems to be coalescing around this complaint from Florida State University linebacker DeMarcus Walker:

Or, as this Christian more eloquently put it:

That the NFL fined Miami Dolphin Don Jones for calling the drafting of Sam "Horrible" is evidence that liberals are hypocrites:

As Shapiro's colleague at Truth Revolt, Caleb Howe, noted in the linked article, the real victims here are the homophobes the NFL's actions have silenced: "This is the age of PC punishment," Howe wrote. "Get on board, or get booted."

["NFL prospect Michael Sam" on Facebook]