Neo-Nazi murderer-rapist kills self in Mass. prison: 'World better place without him'

A white supremacist who was convicted for two racially-motivated murders and the rape of another woman reportedly died after attempting suicide over the weekend.

Sources told The Enterprise that 28-year-old Keith Luke died at around 12 p.m. on Monday as the result of a suicide attempt. He had been found unresponsive in his cell on Saturday afternoon, and was placed on life support at the University of Massachusetts Hospital in Worcester.

Luke was serving two consecutive life sentences for the murders of 20-year-old Selma Goncalves and 72-year-old Arlindo Goncalves. The two victims were not related. He had also been convicted of raping and shooting a third person.

“He terrorized the entire city,” Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter told the paper after learning of the death. “The acts that were committed by him were the most horrific you could possibly imagine.”

“Perhaps today they’ll find some closure,” the mayor added.

In his confession to police, Luke had said that he planned to commit suicide, and he made at least three other attempts while in prison. He also carved a swastika in his head prior to a court appearance.

“I think the world is a better place without Keith Luke in it,” City Councilor-at-large Moises Rodrigues told The Enterprise. “He is someone that doesn’t deserve to live, someone that caused so much harm and so much anguish to a community, to a city. I think the world is a better place today without him.”

Watch a video report about Luke's trial below, broadcast May 16, 2013.

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