Pat Robertson berates woman for ungodly husband: You have 'the discernment of a slug'

Televangelist Pat Robertson on Monday castigated a woman for marrying a man who later turned out not to be a "born again" Christian.

In a letter to The 700 Club, a viewer named Patty explained that she had "married a man who presented himself as a born again believer."

But she later found out that he was not what he seemed.

"In the 7 years we have been together he has had 4 DUIs, been convicted of receiving stolen property, and recently deceived a ministry out of $15,000," Patty wrote. "Am I morally bound to this marriage?"

"You must have been crazy or you must have been blinded to get into [that] relationship," Robertson told the viewer. "He -- quote -- presented himself [as a born again Christian]. I mean, give me a break. You got about the discernment of a slug."

But the TV preacher also had some good news for Patty.

"Can you get out of it? I think so," he asserted. "I think fraud in the inducement, that marriage should never have happened."

Watch the video below from CBN's The 700 Club, broadcast May 5, 2014.