PayPal exec drunkenly tweets late night insults at co-workers and resigns

A recently hired executive at the Internet banking company PayPal spent Friday night tweeting insults at his co-workers and announcing his resignation from the company. Business Insider reported that Rakesh "Rocky" Agrawal was attending Jazz Fest in New Orleans when he sent the now-deleted stream of poorly-spelled, vitriolic messages.

Agrawal posted a photo of himself with his middle finger raised with the caption, "Can't wait to explain this."

Around 1:00 a.m., Agrawal wrote, "Duck you Smedley you useless middle. manager," which was followed by "Christina Smedley is a useless. Piece of shit."

"People who should be fired from PayPal Don Christmas a pool a kick," he later wrote, although there is currently no one at PayPal named Don Christmas.

A few garbled tweets seemed to suggest that he is launching a startup. He then announced, "Oh. I quit pay a tonight because of self at son and aortic and ah our and hill e a s th."

Saturday morning found Agrawal contrite and blaming the misfired tweets on a new phone.

"My sincere apologies to @davidmarcus @stan_chudnovsky," he wrote around 9:30 a.m., "you guys are among the two smartest guys I know. And I know brilliant people."

"Last night I was using a new phone that I bought because I wanted to test experiences on android," he explained. "Those messages were meant for a colleague."

Then he said, "Note to self: don't test a new phone when sleep deprived after working your ass off for 20 hours a day while on vacation," followed by "To think, earlier this week I was looking for a Twitter client that only allowed DMs for my assistant to use. Anything out there?"