Penn. Police: Man's random gunfire from his porch hits 8-year-old riding by on bicycle

A Pennsylvania man has been charged with multiple counts of assault after police said that he randomly fired a gun from his house, hitting an 8-year-old boy who was riding outside on his bicycle.

According to WCAU, investigators in Chester County determined that 55-year-old Wayne Snowden was standing on his porch on Friday night when he fired a single shot toward Coyne Alley.

AJ Hanger, 8, was riding by on a bicycle with a friend when the gun discharged, and was shot in the leg.

The boy was reportedly in stable condition on Sunday after being flown to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Snowden has said that he did not know who fired the shot. In an interview with WCAU, he can be seen cursing, and then taking reporter Na'eem Douglas' microphone and throwing it the street.

North Coventry Township police arrested him for the crime about 24 hours later.

"The defendant was extraordinarily reckless," Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan pointed out. "The right to own firearms includes the responsibility to handle firearms safely."

"We are all grateful that this innocent child was not killed just a couple of days before Mother's Day," he added.

Investigators recovered two handguns from Snowden's home.

"I have guns that are registered for my own home protection," he told reporters.

Watch the video below from WCAU, broadcast May 11, 2014.