Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday reacted to the weekend's mass shooting near UC Santa Barbara’s campus by suggesting that Hollywood was to blame because the shooter's father had worked on the Hunger Games movie series.

"Everybody on the left is taking another real human tragedy and converting it into a political issue," Limbaugh explained. "The purpose of which is to advance their political agenda. In this case, get rid of the Second Amendment, and confiscate everybody's guns."

However, the conservative host argued that 22-year-old Elliot Rodger's anti-woman shooting spree could be more closely linked to his father's work and art.

"What could go wrong here? You've got an estranged mother and dad," he continued. "The dad produces oddball moves like The Hunger Games, and as a side hobby, he takes photos of nude women's bare rear ends in exotic locales around the country... They're in art galleries! This guy takes black and white -- for the most part -- artsy photos of nude women from the rear, focusing on their butts."

Limbaugh observed that Elliot Rodger had committed the mass murders because he was led to believe that "everybody was just having a life of pure, total hedonism," but women were not attracted to him.

He warned his listeners to "keep a sharp eye on the left politicizing this to try to convert this into something that can advance their agenda," adding that liberals would link the shooting to "rigid, moralistic and judgmental conservatives or Tea Party types."

"But the kid's father, an assistant director, second unit director of The Hunger Games," Limbaugh remarked. "And we have to now point out that there is no gun control law being currently proposed that would have stopped this shooting spree."

"Have you seen the Hunger Games movies?" he asked. "This is crucial, this is what this guy's dad did! Teenagers killing other teenagers! It's a survivalist game. It doesn't matter that they are being forced to, they are still doing it."

"This kid might say he was forced to by societal pressure. Right? Some of them are adults, but it still involves killing. Why not blame Hollywood movies here? We can never, ever go there."

Listen to the audio below from The Rush Limbaugh Program, broadcast May 27, 2014.

(h/t: Daily Rushbo)