Sean Hannity says executions are not 'that hard': Firing squads or 'a hot shot of heroin'
Fox News host Sean Hannity

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday suggested that firing squads should be an option for carrying out the death penalty in the United States because it was harder for executioner to "mess up" than lethal injections.

On his Monday show, Hannity spoke to Utah state Rep. Paul Ray (R), who has called to bring back firing squads after a recent botched execution with lethal injection in Oklahoma.

"I mean, you're not going to mess up a firing squad, right?" Hannity said in defense of the proposal. "What did you think in Oklahoma when the drugs didn't work?"

"I didn't know if you can call it botched because he still died," Ray opined.

"Well, he had heart attack," Hannity noted. "But it didn't work."

"Yeah, it worked," Ray continued. "And I don't feel bad the guy suffered. I mean, look what he did to that little girl."

"That's going to make a lot of liberals upset," Hannity observed. "I don't understand how you screw that up. You could have given him a hot shot of heroin and he would have died. I mean, anything. That doesn't seem that hard to me."

Watch the video below from Fox News' Hannity, broadcast May 20, 2014.