Anti-abortion conference speaker: The 'real war on women' is birth control from the 'pit of hell'

An Alabama Christian radio host who runs an anti-abortion "clinic" told activists on Thursday that women's health care services like contraception were the true "war on women" because they came from the "pit of hell."

Speaking at the opening day of the National Right To Life Convention, EWTN host Joy Pinto said that liberals had used "verbal engineering" to create the term "war on women."

Pinto insisted that she was able to see the "real war on women" because she ran the Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center.

"I have the privilege on a daily basis -- being the director of a pregnancy medical center -- to see the wreckage of humanity that walks in my door, because they have bit the apple, they have believed the lie that this government, that all of the politics, that even some churches tell them," she explained. "That it's okay to go use contraception, it's okay to use abortion as a backup birth control."

Pinto said that one of her clients took two morning after pills in one week, and then went to an abortion clinic to make sure she wasn't pregnant.

"This is the war on women!" she exclaimed. "We are telling them -- and it's available! And so they can go to the pharmacy and get it! This is the war on women!"

"There is a war on women, but we're not waging it," Pinto added. "It's coming from the pit of hell, like it did in the book of Genesis, when he told the women -- when she bit the apple, he said, 'You will not die.'"

"It's the same lie. It's the same war. And it's not just on women, it's on humanity. It's on every aborted baby girl and baby boy. And every woman, and every man that has impregnated her."

Watch the video below from the National Right To Life Convention, recorded June 26, 2014.

(h/t: Right Wing Watch)