Bryan Fischer agrees with caller: Sharia law would be 'preferable to what we have now'

On Monday, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer said to an on-air caller that Islamists are right to condemn the United States as "the Great Satan."

According to Right Wing Watch, the anti-LGBT advocate and Christian conservative agrees with the sentiment because of all the pornography the country produces and because we are "corrupting the morality of the entire world."

In a recent column, Fischer called the Islamic faith a "contagious infection, a totalitarian ideology that threatens the social health of its infected host, the United States. This contagion needs to be contained by stopping Islamic immigration at our border. Just as we screen immigrants for contagious physical diseases, so we need to screen immigrants for contagious cultural diseases.

On Monday afternoon, a caller on Fischer's program opined that Islamic Sharia law would be "preferable to what we have right now" in the U.S., where abortion and pornography are legal.

Islamic fundamentalists, Fischer responded, "rightly accuse the United States of corrupting the morality of the entire world."

"It's just embarrassing, it's humiliating that we have given them that" to hold over us, he said. "When they go out and say the United States is the Great Satan because of all the pornography it produces, how do you argue against that because they are right. That is the work of Satan; we're producing it, we're distributing it all over around world, they have every right to complain about that."

Watch video of Fischer's remarks, embedded below: