Glenn Beck: Schools allow kids to play with 'box of dildos,' but not to celebrate Christmas

On Thursday, Glenn Beck's Blaze-TV released a video from the production team's morning meeting in which Beck and his producers discussed a bawdy awards ceremony at a high school in Washington state which featured off-color jokes and a box of sex toys.

A conservative mother was offended by the ceremony and wrote an angry anonymous email to KOMO-TV saying that she left the ceremony in tears after participants made a joke poking fun at the Catholic church's decades of child sexual abuse.

"That's my home town," Beck said in the video. "That's Bellingham, Washington. I went to the rival school. I went to the nice school. That was always the rough part of town."

"Shame on the school," he continued. "You can't give a box of dildos in any school performance and tell me that's a small deal."

"You can't have a Christmas tree in a school performance," chimed in one producer, "that's not appropriate, but condoms and dildos are totally cool. Think about that. You can't say 'Merry Christmas.'"

"Think about that," she went on. "You can't bring the Bible, but you can bring dildos. That's where we are."

"I know!" agreed Beck. "It is -- like we were talking about in the morning meeting yesterday -- making good evil and making evil good."

Watch the video, embedded below:

[hat-tip to Mediaite]