Daily Show host Jon Stewart tore into Fox News' Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday over his criticizing the father of recently-released American POW Bowe Bergdahl for his beard, considering the Fox lovefest over the hirsute Duck Dynasty clan.

"First of all, who the f*ck are you to judge what a guy does if he thinks it might help him get his son back?" Stewart asked Kilmeade. "And I don't want to complicate your hatred of facial hair there, friend, but my guess is if you gave Bob Berg-dahl a bandana and a duck, you'd like him just f*cking fine."

Stewart also called old adversary Sean Hannity out for mispronouncing the former Taliban prisoner's last name as "Berg-dahl," as opposed to "Berg-dahl."

"Is that how we're pronouncing it now?" Stewart asked mockingly. "I guess the purposeful mispronunciation of a soldier's last name to make it sound 'Arabic' is not purposeful. I mean, Sean Hannity's not an a*s-hole, right? Why would he do that?"

Overall, Stewart observed, it took just three days for coverage of the move by President Barack Obama's administration to exchange Bergdahl for five Taliban detainees to sour the release of the last U.S. prisoner of war, particularly when conservatives opened their criticism with the cliche, "We don't negotiate with terrorists."

"What are you talking about? We always negotiate with terrorists," Stewart said. "Saying we don't negotiate with terrorists is our opening negotiation: 'We are not negotiating with you terrorists ... and your response is?'"

Watch Stewart's commentary, as posted online on Tuesday, below.