Daily Show host Jon Stewart didn't buy into the idea on Wednesday that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's (R-VA) upset primary loss to Tea Party candidate Dave Brat is the sole reason hopes for immigration reform have been dashed -- because it's not like it was any closer to happening even if Cantor survived the challenge.

"Oh, no," he sarcastically yelled. "Congess' current gold age of cooperation and productiveness is over."

Freed of the burden of having "24 hours of to fill" for his show, however, Stewart drew his own conclusions regarding the loss.

"So, 65,000 people in one congressional district in Virginia overthrew a clearly arrogant and unsuspecting incumbent," Stewart observed. "Really hard to draw any lessons, considering [Sen.] Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who's more supportive of immigration reform than even Cantor, easily defeated his Tea Party opponent."

Stewart did concede, though, that much of the cable news uproar surrounding the surprising turn of events in Virginia's 7th congressional district was justified -- but not without making fun of CNN's Chris Cuomo for calling the primary results "David vs. Goliath times 1,000."

"This is what you need to do: you need to take the biblical struggle of Israel's future King David as he, armed with but a slingshot, slayed a literal giant, whose very name has become synonymous with large things," Stewart mockingly exclaimed. "And multiply that by 1,000."

The loss made more sense, though, Stewart said, when you factor in that Cantor spent more money at steakhouses -- $168,000 -- than Brat did for his whole campaign, which probably gave him the "meat shakes."

"How many sides can you order?" Stewart asked. "There's cream spinach, hash browns. Let me ask you a question, Eric Cantor: the tower of seafood that you ordered at the steak place -- was Rapunzel living at the top of it?"

Watch Stewart's commentary, as posted online on Wednesday, below.