MuckRock, a US-based organisation that helps people submit freedom of information requests, is suing the CIA under the freedom of information act.

The so-called "transparency journalism site" that helps people submit public information requests to US government agencies, decided to launch legal action because, it says, the CIA frustrates its work.

MuckRock says the agency "has a track record of holding itself apart from, and largely above, the freedom of information act, consistently ignoring deadlines, refusing to work with requesters, and capriciously rejecting even routine requests for what should be clearly public information."

In its lawsuit document, it lists seven specific examples of the CIA's refusal to respond to requests under the act.

Additionally, says MuckRock, "we are suing against the CIA's general practice of rejecting requests for email records which do not include the time frame, subject, and to and from fields, regardless of what other information is including to help narrow the request."

In its four years of operation MuckRock claims to have published more than 324,000 pages of documents, hours of video, dozens of databases, and built a publicly accessible database of thousands of government agencies.

Source, and full legal document: MuckRock Hat tip: BoingBoing © Guardian News and Media 2014