New York campus cop charged with taking nude photos of drunk, unconscious woman

A 35-year veteran of Skidmore College's campus police force was arrested and charged Friday after he reportedly drove a drunk female acquaintance to her home, removed her clothes and photographed her while she was unconscious. reported that 62-year-old Robert Gardner Jr. was charged Friday with first-degree sex abuse and unlawful surveillance in the incident, which took place on Wednesday afternoon.

After spending the afternoon drinking with the 28-year-old woman, Gardner reportedly drove her to her residence, then dumped her in the yard and stripped off her bathing suit. A neighbor reported that Gardner took out his cell phone and started shooting pictures of the naked woman in plain view, arranging her unconscious body in sexually humiliating positions.

"This is an awful crime. The defendant took photographs of this woman's most intimate parts of her body. He allegedly took off her bikini bottom, spread her legs and took very, very, intimate close up shots of her," said District Attorney Jim Murphy to WNYT.

"I can't imagine what that must be like for her," Murphy continued. "For him it's resulted in two Class D felonies."

Skidmore College, which is located in Saratoga Springs, New York, suspended Gardner without pay.

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